Kayangan Villas

Kayangan Villas Malacca (Impiana Klebang phase 2) 


For only 1.88m RINGGIT (HKD 3.9m) up, you can own a Semi D. That’s less than 3.9 million HKD. What’s the size? 5264 sq feet, and 4500 sq ft land. It is only HKD 670per sq ft. PRICES HUGE APPRECIATION POTENTIAL  !


6 YEARS 10000 PER MONTH X 12= 720000 FOR 6 YEARS.

1880000 令吉,距離馬六甲市5公里, 你可以擁有自己的半獨立式房子。這是不到390萬港元。它有多大?它是5264平方尺,4500 平方尺land. 它僅僅是每平方呎674港元. 如果有興趣,請繼續閱讀

 Don’t miss out on the chance to know more about Malacca as this is a good opportunity to ride on Malacca momentum of growth. Early bird catches the worm. Contact us for more details. Superb location in reclaimed area in Klebang, with only 5 mins drive via new coastal highway (10 mins existing to town centre Jonker walk) 

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Location location location!

Kayangan Villas sits on an enviable location on a reclaimed area, Klebang吉里望 ,mins from Malacca馬六甲 town. It is in a hotspot of Malacca. The district is a peaceful and secure residential area only mins from Malacca town and very suitable for tourist, expatriats working in Malacca. Next to the development have world class resort, amusement parks and also International Exhibition Centre and 1 Malaysia Gold Coast. (see Klebang reclamation file above ) Klebang is an area is to be classified as Malacca’s next hotspot, as land is scarce around the heritage town, and this reclaimed land is just in time for new developments needed for the city.
This development is next to the Cheng Ho City development. http://www.chenghocity.com/location.html
1 min drive to nearby Cheng Ho City providing theme parks, recreational, convention and business centres
1 mins drive to Malacca Straits Medical Centre (to be open mid 2014)
2 mins drive to beach, seaside, shoplots, mini markets and wet market, new 4-5 star hotels and resorts
5 mins from Mahkota parade & Dataran Pahlawan & Jonker street (World heritage site endorsed by UNESCO) Malacca Town Centre
5 mins to Melaka international School
10 mins drive to Tesco , Jusco and Giant
12 mins drive to Chinese and government schools, and existing private hospitals
1 hour from Kuala Lumpur International Airport
1 1/2 hours from Kuala Lumpur City Centre
2 1/2 hours from Singapore
5 hours from Penang
Amazing Price from ONLY RM 1480000 up for 5264 sq ft with over 4500 sq ft of land. 

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Kayangan Villas,  is an outstanding mixed development by the developer , Faithview, a major player in Malacca property, which have offered various projects previously that has proven high appreciation potential. It features commercial and residential component spans across 37.36 acres of land along the new coastal highway. The residences feature a gated and guarded semi D home with private garden, clubhouse, lush landscaping and jogging tracks, with modern amenities for a flamboyant lifestyle.

Kayangan Villas is situated in the suburb of Klebang, and it is only 5 mins drive (5 km) to Malacca city centre via the new Coastal Highway. Many developers have bought land around this area of Klebang and this area is set to be a new prime area to come. So for weekend walk in to Jonker Street is an ease and to shopping malls and the international school are all within 10 mins drive. Nearby, there are construction projects such as a theme park and submarine museum. It is also near to the Gold Coast Malacca artificial beach for a weekend getaway.
Kayangan Villas, is designed for those who are seeking a peaceful environment and yet near to economic and social hubs with excellent connection to major urban areas. The concept of Kayangan villas is that it boosts green technology and fully equipped clubhouses as well as a leisure park that lets residence enjoy quality time with their family. For each semi Detached 3 storey home, comes a generous and spacious land area of 4500 sq. ft., so that you can have the space to create your dream home. Safety is ensured by 3 tier system security and alarm system. It is a gateway to enjoy a whole new living experience.
With the 3 storey detached home, Kayangan Villas uilized the latest concepts of architecture applied towards creating a clean and contemporary setting. The use of glass doors and walls maximizes the sense of airy openness thus creating a sense of continuation of interiors. There are also spacious balconies.
The prices of Impiana Klebang is very attractive with 5264 sq. ft. 3 storey Semi Detached homes only selling for RM 1480000 for 5364 sq ft, , this is less than 3.55 million HKD. This translates to around 280 ringgit psf or 675 HKD psf net areas. That is a tremendous bargain and offers high appreciation prospect. It is also only 1/5 of the price of the new condominiums in the city centre 5 km away. And land prices are escalating in the area, so the prices are expected to rise.


If you have previously missed out the chance to Malacca development, now is the opportunity for you to buy Kayangan Villas to enjoy Malacca momentum of growth. Impiana Klebang is a great choice for low entry level investment that offers high capital appreciation and also resale value. Asia Homes invites you to know more in the upcoming roadshow.


Melaka is about 2 hours drive south from Kuala Lumpur (145 km) and 2.5 hours drive (231 km) north from Singapore. Every weekend Malacca is filled with tourist in Jonker street and the various attractions Malacca offers. In fact, tourist arrivals have increased for last 10 years number of tourist arrivals to Melaka has also increased by 454 per cent to 12.2 million last year from only 2.2 million in 2000.The state of Malacca has a population of around 800000.Malacca features tropical rainforest climate, around 27-35 degrees
The economy of Malacca is a surprise to all. Not only the number of tourist flocking into the city in made a huge boost in its economy, the industrial sector also performs strongly. The city have been in rapid growth since UNESCO given its listing.  The past 10 years have rapid growth, GDP per capita increased 50%. GDP growth at 7%. Unemployment rate is on historic low of 0.5% . It has met and surpassed the OECD criteria is economy, social affairs, infrastructure, education, administration.For tourism alone, the 12 million tourist in 2012 generated tourism revenues of RM 7.06 billion. This is a tremendous amount Malacca is proud of. Other than tourism, the industrial faired very well, with many IT manufacturing hubs, Biotechnology.
There will be a stop for Malacca from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur high speed rail. So that would spur growth around Malacca. Many infrastructure projects are now currently underway. A River beautification project 300 million, 1.8b ringgit Malacca aerorail, bridge and cable car to link Malacca and Sumatra, Indonesia, are just some of them.  All these would spur growth and flourish its economy and attractiveness of Malacca.
The Malacca property prices have long been stable and since 2008 when Penang and  Malacca when both acclaimed its UNESCO heritage site, the prices of the two cities have seen prices increasing since its declaration. Massive development and reclamation are seen in Malacca city as tourist numbers have increased and reclamation is needed also lack of land available around the city to cater for demand of modern needs.
Land prices are going up rapidly in Malacca.
Some new condos in the city development have reached over 1000 Ringgit per sq. foot. Prices of that match some of Kuala Lumpur city center and also Penang Island. With more investments expected to come into the city, massive development and more infrastructure to come, property prices would expect to escalate to complement intense development and property price will continue to soar with better rentals for investment point of view. Asia Homes believes now is the time to see what is still available for luxurious projects in Malacca that are set to boom
馬六甲是2個小時左右車程距離吉隆坡和從新加坡2.5小時的車程(231公里)。每到週末,馬六甲是充滿在雞場街和馬六甲提供各景點的旅遊。事實上,入境旅遊人數增加,過去10年到馬六甲旅遊人數也增加了454%,至1220萬. 馬六甲州人口約800000.馬六甲擁有熱帶熱帶雨林氣候,在27至35度
馬六甲的經濟是向所有的驚喜。不僅蜂擁進入城市的旅遊經濟作出了巨大的推動作用,工業也表現強烈。這個城市一直在快速增長,因為教科文組織給uNESCO heritage site。近10年來的快速增長,人均國內生產總值增加了50%。國內生產總值增長7%。失業率為0.5%的歷史低點。它已達到並超過經合​​組織的標準。馬六甲是值得驕傲的,這是一個巨大的數額。
土地價格迅速上升在馬六甲。在城市發展中的一些新公寓已經達到了每平方尺1000令吉。該價格相匹配一些吉隆坡市中心和檳島。隨著越來越多的投資預計將進入城市,大規模的發展和更多的基礎設施來,樓價會期望升級,以配合激烈的發展和房地產價格將繼續飆升更好的租金投資。ASIA HOMES 認為,現在仍然是可投資豪華投資在馬六甲投資的好時機
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKhNsA4yEnM (what’s malacca like? – YOUTUBE)